Friday, May 18, 2012

Project 365 Days Of Food- Day 48, Spicy n' Crispy Garlic Sev!

100gm gram flour (besan)
1 tspn ground black pepper (optional)
1/4 tspn turmeric powder
1 tbsp soda-bi-carb(optional)
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp oil
2-3 tbsp red-chili & garlic paste
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

1. Mix besan flour with black-pepper powder and lemon juice, soda-bi-carb, oil, and salt. Add the red-chili and garlic paste, and add enough water and knead into a smooth dough. Shape the dough into a thick cylinder.
2. Now place this dough in the Sev machine, use a fine-holed mould as the base. Close the lid tightly from the top.
3. Heat oil in a frying pan and wait till it gets sufficiently hot. Drop a tiny piese of dough in it - if it rises immediately, means the oil is hot enough.
4. Now holding the machine over the hot oil, rotate the lid and force the mixer through the holes by turning the handle, spreading it out evenly in circular movement in the oil.
5. Fry the Sev for about 2-3 minutes on medium flame till it is lightly golden-brown in color. Remove and drain on a tissue paper, and repeat with the remaining dough.