Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Project 365 Days Of Food- Day 25, Toastie Mumbai Mix !

Toastie Mumbai Mix

Once Upon A Time in Mumbai :- Toasties or Bombay sandwiches were a favorite snack of people of Mumbai City. The ubiquitous sandwichwala was a common sight at street food junctions. Toastie machines were hand-held and sandwich grillers were placed over an open flame! 
Cut II- 2012, Been a while since I last visited India:( I don't know whether the street sandwichwala are still there with their carts on the Mumbai streets. I tried to google, and here is what I've found ...Check out the Ingredients and The Making :-D

8 Slices of medium white bread
50 Gms(2 oz) of butter
16 Tomato slices
12 Capsicum slices
12 Boiled potato slices
8 Onion slices
60 Gms (2.4 oz) green chutney
4 cheese slices or 1 Cup grated cheese
Salt and pepper to taste
200 Gms (8 oz) french fries for accompaniment

1. Butter the bread.
2. On four slices, arrange layers of tomato, capsicum, onion, potato and sprinkle salt and pepper.
3. Spread green chutney on top and place cheese slices or grated cheese.
4. Close the sandwich and grill in a toastie machine.
5. Serve hot with french fries!