Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tasty Fish Bites !!

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A couple of weeks ago on a friday afternoon, my friend calls on my phone and leaves me a message on my answering machine," You are coming here for lunch tomorrow. I am gonna cook. Post lunch we can do a bit of Shopping together before I leave for my vacation."  Later in the evening, I call her up to confirm that I would be joining her for lunch. 
The Following day, I get to her house at noon, which was when she'd told me to come over. As I enter, I see her husband wearing " Sahara India Sweatshirt", all geared up on the couch in front of their Television set- Ardent Cricket Lovers all over the world will never ever mind crushing a few dollars for the most desired replica of the Indian Cricket Sweatshirt- they will wear it with utmost pride while watching and supporting the players and the game!

It was kind of cute of him to be cheering out loud. The cheer and excitement also got doubled when a couple of his friends stepped in! As his friends entered, this fellow, started grumbling, “I will stop watching Cricket, if Sachin misses his century today. He should might as well retire if he is not able to perform." Just so you know, the Game was about to begin but the grumbling had started already and was at it's peak. It all looked cute and yet a little weird to see a  42-year-old guy all dressed up like a wannabe cricketer- with a helmet on his head, some thick lip-balm(kinda moonlit color) on his lips, a cricket bat in one hand and a ball autographed by some cricket player in the other!

While I was there, there was no way I could have missed all the excitement happening around in between the commercial breaks. This fellow was taken over completely by cricket- so much so, that he could not avoid the urge to imitate and fake the best catches shouting out loud "Howzat ?" -A Cricket Fanatic!  I was convinced yet again- Cricket and Cricketers  do bring in happy moments in their fans lives!

Cut II- My friend who had left me a message and who had invited me over for lunch- hadn’t made me anything for lunch, because she said, she had "Kohinoor's" Ready To Eat Indian Meal stashed up in her pantry. She also said, "I knew you don’t like these and I figured you were going to eat before you came out here anyways.”

WHAT? Did I miss anything? What did I miss? I might have forgotten to fill in the blanks, perhaps! What part of “Come Over For Lunch involved me eating something before I went to her house? And what part of "I am Gonna Cook" involved me to have known, that I was going to be served Kohinoor’s Ready to Eat Meals?"

Oh well- FRIENDS !!!

We ended up eating at Panera's that afternoon! Nevertheless, I consider my friend to be one of the perfect shopping partners! Though, not all of my good friends can come along with this – not everyone makes a great shopping partner, at least for trips where we have a lot to accomplish and where stamina and patience play an important part- Trust me this combination is a must! 

Truth be told-My friend is driven, intense, hopeless and yet gorgeous! We could not finish a single store in an hour, let alone the whole "Kenwood mall"! 
Not only did she carry a lot of stuff in the basket but boy a hell lot of ideas and opinions came along too!

On that tiskety and taskety and baskety note...
Let Me Share  The Recipe For Tasty Fish Bites With You My Friends!!

" The Angry Bird wid Fish (Bites) in the Nest/Basket n' Eggs Lying down in Green Pastures!! "

400 grams firm white fish fillets, (such as Tilapia).
3 slices bread, crusts removed (stale bread is best)
If using Fresh Bread , Mix 1 tsp of Rawa and Rice Flour each
1 Cup Buttermilk (Original Recipe relies on Fat Free Milk for Marination)
1 Tsp of White Pepper pwd
1 tsp each if Tandoori seasoning, turmeric powder, amchur pwd and cumin powder
A pinch of Red chilli powder
Oil for deep frying the fillet.
Salt to taste

1. Cut the fish fillet into bite size pieces. Rub the fillet pieces with a bit of salt and white pepper powder.
2. Marinate the pieces in butter milk and keep them refrigerated for one hour. (do not over soak the fillet) 
3.  Blend the bread in a food processor to make fine breadcrumbs. Tip the crumbs on to a plate.
4. Now, coat each piece of fish fillet with bread crumbs mixed with your choice of seasoning and deep fry the fish bites on medium heat for 2-3 minutes on each side until crisp and golden.
5. Garnish the fish bites and serve hot with tomato ketchup or your choice of salad and eggs.
*Sprinkle a bit of Chaat Masala- for extra tangy fish bites*