Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Missing Chord!

"Would You Wait a Bit, Sweetheart?"

Kept tossing and turning and turning and tossing all night long- I kicked the blankets on the floor, turned my pillow upside down(remember the song?) Yes, It was too soon for me to believe that I was turning into an insomniac. I had no idea why? But I couldn't sleep that night! I thought maybe my afternoon nap and a late night coffee must have been a horrible idea after all!

I spent the next day too, lying in bed, trying to figure things out. Skipped brushing my teeth and missed my breakfast. This had happened after a long time- Something that kept me thinking , a little worried and uneasy! 
I sat on the couch, looking out of the window- saw the cars moving, kids with their helmets rolling around with their cycles in the drive-way, also saw the mailman drop off and pick up the mails in the neighborhood- was watching everything with my eyes wide open and yet something left me clueless and disconnected ! 

I got distracted when I heard my cell phone ring. It was a text from my friend- the MSG said,  "it's finally over!" For a moment I wondered, I had dreamed my friends text. I wanted to text him back instantly but could not find the right words. It was the most ridiculous feeling I was going through. What was I going to say? A blogger is someone with a bunch of words ever ready, some may say. True- but it is just too hard to put feelings and sentiments into words every single time! 

I wasn't certain whether to reply to the text or not, whether to call or not, so I lay down and pondered over the text long and deeply- ignoring the text, the thought on my mind-my friends marriage was a perfect marriage kept flashing on the main screen!
Their, my friend and his wife's marriage was surrounded by many a shared activities- 
loving deeply, vacationing together, cooking together in the kitchen, gardening enthusiastically, movie-watching , child-rearing- so on and so forth.

I'd known them since our college days-both of them. Within the boundaries prescribed by the culture of their birth, they had expressed their affection quite more than often...planting kisses on each others cheeks, putting their arms around in photographs, sitting close to each other on the couch at functions and absent-mindedly stroking each others hair as they ate from the same plate.

Had that not been love? Being really crazy for each other? Being there for each other ? If it had- then I would have bet my life on it-how had it crumbled overnight or was it a long hard fight?  Why would this come to an end? Could all the things of the world crumble so suddenly? Was there a third person involved and would they be able to survive that one blow-if there was any! What was the point, then, of putting their hearts into any achievements? 

Unlike my other posts, where I am certain and usually know about the end of the story right from the beginning- this post leaves me in a bit of a challenging hypothesis!