Monday, January 30, 2012

A Fun Filled Friday Night!!

So this weekend was total FUN-nor busy neither swarmed with back to back events!  Nothing specific was on our agenda other than watching the remake of "Agneepath" with friends, in the nearby theaters! 

SOOO this is what we saw- Denim Clad Hrithik Roshan as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan appeared almost Invisible to US and The Invincible Kancha Cheena!! Kaali thruout the movie shows up khaali pili :-s Rauf Lala, the despicable guy managed to keep our eyes wide open in la la land! This worthless wretch was totally worth watching! Last but Not the least - kudos to Chikni Chummily - Husn ki teelli se beedi chillam hi nahi jalayee bhidoo but she also kindled AgneePath spreading the flames in Theaters ;-)  

In the original Movie, A 36 saal, 9 mahine, n' 16 ghante Vijay Dinanath Chauhan comes back only with Vengeance on his mind-on his agenda, whereas in the remake the denim clad VDC resumes with a bunch of roses n' a cake plan n' a piggy bank :P! 

 "I swear, I would have loved to fancy The New VDC if he came along with a similar  Dash of Attitude, Arrogance and Lordliness -just like the original Vijay Dinanath Chauhan   :-)"

Coming back to remakes- The recent trend of making remakes has emerged and hit Bollywood as well, so comparisons are bound to happen. Boy I remember, how much I Loved the remake of "DON" ! Nevertheless, it was good fun watching "Agneepath" as well! I feel If you have a great appreciation for the original, many a times you find the  remake unneeded. Agneepath only left me wondering -how one could goof up with the best script/best act offered in a Silver Platter! Imitating is all one had to do- but truth be told "Imitation is an ART"! I found the casting was kind of fouled up too! There was absolutely no need to choke up the character of "Krishan Iyer Yem Ye"! An attempt to fresh ideas/changes would have been valued if the remake did not sink in the value of the original! 

Having said all of this- You can still watch the Movie!!

That was A Fun-Filled Friday Night For us- where we friends got together and did all the unnecessary comparing! That is what Friends are for and That is what Friends do! Period!

Last but not the least- A BIG THANK YOU To RACHU, For Her Warm Invitation for A Late Night Coffee! Friends it was not just the coffee we brewed were the thoughts as well ;-)

"Stay Tuned... Coming Up Next -
-Playing Strings Of Merriment @ Jungle Jim's "


Kavita said...

You are hilarious! Lovely review on Agneepath. When the others are raving about the remake, your review summaries the absence of the aura required for the remake:-) I agree completely that a svelte Vijay Dinnanath Chauhan failed to blaze out Agneepath!

Everyday, trying new recipe -blogging-posting needs a lot of I appreciate your efforts here. You and your blog rocks! :)

"oops-in da kitchen wid Roops!" said...

Thank you Kavita! Absolutely, me too was not looking for an urbane VDC in the remake.

Yes- cooking, assembling and taking pictures in the most natural form gets a bit difficult on some days. But since my husband and I both share a passion for food, we don't let our patience run out on us. Also, I do intend to update my blog whenever possible overlooking lots of messy spaces ;-)
Thank you once again for being here!