Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora ! (Gram flour dumplings in a Tangy Yoghurt Curry) !!

" when i started writing  this post 
 I thought I had put my brain on the back burner 
but that's not true my dear friends...
somehow i did  manage to find it on the front with  
a million memories flooded into :-) "

We thought spring had arrived! I was hoping that the change in the season would throw in some beautiful and bright ideas. It would have been a brilliant opportunity for a mini adventure-my cooking adventure? I have often tried making a few dishes of my own by embracing unknown ingredients- I have quite a few times experimented in my kitchen!
But today my brain refused to budge!

It was 5.30pm when Parth left for his gym. I was also almost ready to start off with my workout session (in the basement of our house) just when my BB(BlackBerry) alerted me with a message! It was a friend on 'FaceBook'! I told her that I would talk to her once I was done with my workout. " You can carry on with that later, but first please can you suggest something nice and easy to cook for dinner..since I am in the mood to cook something tonite" she replied. I really wanted to keep this short and wanted to get back to basement as fast as I could, hence I said, " I am out of ideas "! Having said that, I thought that would be the end of the conversation because there would be nothing to talk about- it was a close ended question after all! But when I thought and said something like that I knew I was breaking the code- the friendship code... that said "friends can talk about absolutely nothing and yet it could mean everything to us in this world"! Damn!! whoever made these codes definitely had us in mind! 
Needless to say we talked! Women talk- about anything and everything...PERIOD . Nevertheless, we then exchanged a few recipes and had good fun over facebook chat and the time just flew by. " Silly Pal(i), my friend said," I can't wait to see you, plan a trip here and visit us as soon as you can..miss you dearly!" With all the hugs n' kisses we then ended our chat!

Suddenly, it struck me that I was late for my tread. I rushed to the basement, put the music on and started off immediately- I was on the treadmill simultaneously enjoying the music ' ' . 

I had heard the door open and knew Parth was home. Parth came downstairs to the basement, I saw him and holding up a finger smiled at him:-) With a wild cheer he said " Oh WoW- one Hour? and you don't even look exhausted ...that is awesome!" Comon up now! I looked at him, a little lost in astonishment and said "NOOOO... I did not say or mean 1 hour (gasp) ...It's been just a minute I've started " Gazing deeply into my eyes he questioned me " Aga mag itka wel kaay karat hotis ?"  I had just about opened my mouth and uttered " Fa..."...and before I could say anything, he interrupted " Phone? atta ? Konacha ? With all those ? marks pouring I kept staring at Parth with a straight face. " Aaah FACEBOOK  he said and turned around with a 'phew' :-S 

School friends bring in old memories- A great thing about growing older is getting to share your never-ending memories with your friends... they always take a walk down memory lane with you
With that walk my dear friends, today I am going to share with you this recipe for 'Punjabi Kadhi Pakora'- As a kid I remember having this for the first time at a school friends place/house, her mom made The Best Punjabi Kadhi Pakoras! That used to be our staple food for sleepovers at her place. Quite honestly, I can say I was caught remembering aunty while making these...needless to say that I will never ever will be able to beat that taste-would never even try :-)

'Punjabi Kadhi Pakora'  -
is very close to my heart-makes me nostalgic!