Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thalipeeth (Kepra Bhajani)!!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take 
 by the moments that take our breath away " Unknown

"The Aroma and the flavorsome Thalipeeth in my kitchen trigger many a memories for me!
Reminiscing- how best things/moments in life have always been and will be Really Free :-)"

I still remember the stressed out days and nights when Mom had no time for cooking. Phew-Those were some busy days! But instead of relying on another of the Restaurant Take outs, Mother used to simply Take a Deep Breath and her hands would automatically reach out to the Food Pantry to grab some Home-made Thalipeeth Bhajani!! She then used to ask us (my brother and me) to gather all our friends in the garden area. It was so much of fun back home, to just call over your friends on a sticky summers night and simply lie down together on the tender green grass under the sky. When we did that, we often looked like those spokes of a huge "Ashoka Chakra Wheel" with our heads in the center! The best and spontaneous tales were frequently exchanged on such events!! Some shared tales from the books while others from their hearts! Sharing one such gasping and eventful moment of my life!

"आठवणीत आजही आहे मैत्रिणीन बरोबरचा एक उनाड दिवस ! 
आणि पाठोपाठ आईचा ओरडा " उकिरडा फुकायाला कुठे गेला होता ?"
 अश्रुने भरलेले डोळे पुसायला शेजारच्या काकूचा मायेचा पदर ! 
समजूत काढून जेवायला बसवणाऱ्या माई आणि सगळा विसरून प्रेमाने गरम गरम थालीपीठाचा घास भरवणारी ती माझी आई !"

"This is the One and Only Store Bought Favorite Comfort Food of mine!!"
Take a guilt free trip to your closest Indian Grocery Stores and pick up A Packet Of "Kepra Thalipeeth Bhajani"...
not for me:-) but for you!! 
I already have my Pantry stashed up with these heavenly goodness!!