Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Methi Thepla Or Methi Roti !!

"Aajao ke sab milke rab se dua maange
Jeevan mein sukoon chaahe, chaahat mein vafa maange
...Haalaat badalne main ab der na ho maalik
Jo de chuke phir yeh andher na ho maalik..."
 Sorry Readers!! Sorry to have disappeared out of turn. I hope I haven't disappointed you much :-) Haven't been able to post anything recently, because my spare time was taken by the brutal winter in Cincy! All this while, I had this feeling- that the winter has been up to something .  It felt as though it has been conspiring something against us. I am sure everybody else around feels the same and would agree here with what I have to say. We all heard about the tragedy which took place in Japan recently. Not a trailer or a movie stunt-the real deal!! Nature at her worst! Can you? in your wildest of dreams ever imagine your city being ravaged like this? NO. Certainly not, nobody can and no one ever would or wishes to! I don't recall any country ever been damaged so bad by nature, been hit by dual disasters. I try not to think and keep calm but these thoughts keep bothering me -" Humans are out to mess their chances at a peaceful happy life through their actions of hatred, deceit & greed, whilst 'Mother Earth's' out to get us for not taking her seriously through her actions of quakes-tsunamis-floods! This may be Mother Earth's way of waking us to pay heed! If only we would pay attention and listen to the warning signs." I feel sorry for all those who witnessed nature's wrath! My sincere prayers are with the people in Japan, for their safety and repair. And I feel, those who have survived this.. will truly be known as 'Survivors' in every sense of the word!
On that note I pray  "Dear God You Please Stop Making Plans Against Us! "
Having said that, now you all know why winter season does not belong to me anymore :( but the good news is - Spring is almost here...just on the way !   
Like everybody else, I'd been hibernating too. Now that the hibernation period is over, I must admit that I feel so much more relaxed, better and energetic! YaY Spring!!

After several gloomy days, today here in Cincy, it was - hang out with your GF's having Hot Cuppa Chai with Kanda Bhaji or

even better some yummy 'Methi Thepla' Weather ;-) You got it right..As Always! It's time for some Methi Thepla Recipe with a pinch of turmeric powder added to the ingredients!