Monday, May 24, 2010

Heads OR Tails ?

Love is an ambiguous word. It meant and still means a lot to me. Love should have no strings attached to it. It should not be used as a tool to achieve and get things done. Love is not saying " I Love You Darling " and there being some big MUTLAB behind that.

" It should be selfless ! "

YES! that was the influence of watching Aamir Khan & Juhi Chawla's 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak' on me ! 'QSQT' the movie, was perhaps the epitome of romance! What a beautiful film it was...where in if the families didn't agree, the boy and the girl would run up into the hills and get married - the lover boy would then go work hard in the woods while his lady love tried her hand at cooking.
I had just turned 10 maybe 11 when I saw this movie and ever since was seen dreaming of falling in love with the most handsome guy who would sweep me off my feet. That one guy who wouldn't care to go down on his knees and say " I just can't help falling in love with you " I was and still am a dreamer :) 
Wanted to fall in love so desperately, who wouldn't want to? Falling in love is one of the most exciting experiences of your lives ! That was me, who loved to rush into everything and anything. 
Had heard wise people say only fools rush in... Trust me was not to late for me to get the real world experience!

Just the other day I was thinking of adding something new to my blog. Was relaxing in the balcony on my new 'Bench' bought from Bed Bath & Beyond - Had my little notebook with me to jot down anything and everything that would struck my mind that evening. I am a forgetful bunch if I may say so, that's the reason I prefer writing each and everything down.

I so love to spend my evenings in the open air ..cannot imagine a beautiful evening without music, could not help but hum " roz shaam aati thi, magar aisi na thi " humming and relaxing in the balcony looking at the Lilac sky - What an illuminating evening it was my dear friends ! 

I had been watching over the sky - from the lighter shades of Lilac slowly turning into the darker ones when it suddenly started pouring heavily. "Oh how much I love the Rains" When it pours, how I wish I was back home - enjoying the thrilling monsoons - "UFF" -the geeli mitti ki khusboo, the messy puddles, the cool breeze that sweeps you off your feet along with your long lost and forgotten thoughts which keep coming back to you, the long bike-rides, the perplexity of a heart between getting drenched and staying warm holding that hot cuppa chai- half covered under that lush green trees n' so much more!

These rains so much reminds me of us - my friends Rashmi, Anjali, Nisha, Jassi, Priya & Me ! Those days of us being 'Bedhund' meaning - to unleash your bundle of desire. Freedom to follow your heart without thinking twice. That evening these rains dragged me to that part of Pune where we often had lots of 'Chaat' with excessive 'Chat'. We called it 'Our Chit - Ch(a)at Corner" ! I could clearly hear the rains come down on us - all those giggles, those discussions, those arguments, those squabbles, all of that ..that took place between us friends that evening. 
I could see it happening right in front of my eyes all over again. The excitement of falling in love and breaking down the law of reciprocating love ! Oh dear !... Love was sure in the air that evening, when 'Rashmi' without thinking twice rushed and ran towards 'Raj' (the one she had been silently admiring for quite some years now) to drench him out with her emotions and feelings she had for him! 

What happened next ? 
 You all want to know !

This time my dear friends, I believe you all have to do a lot of Time Travel in this piece of my writing. There is much more to come in my next piece and I know I have to hit 'rewind' for you to know what exactly happened that evening :)
For now all I would say is “ I never had the slightest of clue that my flipping of the coin instead of solving the problem, the dispute - would create another one... For me ? But Of Course !

As I said earlier ...there is more 
For More - Stay tuned wid roops !