Monday, April 19, 2010

The Sugary Salt !!

           This one is for all my friends and regular visitors to my blog - Would you really trust my cooking? hadn't you known me at all? hadn't you tasted any of my recipes/dishes at all? hadn't you met me at all ? I keep nagging and bothering my poor husband with such silly questions and at times he does have an answer for my silly, uncanny questions! Well, all he has to say is " If they Love you they would Trust on every bit of your cooking & If they Trust you They would simply Love every bit of your cooking! hmmm yes ...whatever that means :) Sounds Music to my ears ...where there is Love & Trust -You will definitely find me there!

Today, is the story of love & trust which I am going to share with all of you. This happened sometime in/between 2004-2006. We were still new to the USA rather we still are, haven't had an opportunity to explore much of the US...but that's another story. Anyways-So, being a huge fan of the Sam's Club and assuming that we were on the right track of consuming healthy food /drinks , we bought home this Waring Pro's Juicer. These juice extractors are made for today's health-conscious consumers so we are/were told. We were so Proud to think we were one of them. Jokes apart, The Juicer is a steal-there is no more time-consuming peeling, chopping or cooking required .Pulp is easy to remove and most parts are dishwasher-safe! Waring Pro makes it easy to drink healthy !
we were so happy with our new Juicer. Made our lives healthy & easy.  
 Spring/Summer mornings were even more beautiful, just the way 'Karan Johar' shows his mornings in his movies - Birds chirping in the background, charming Wife looking all pretty with her glowing skin and 'chutki bhar sindoor in her maang', with her melodious voice humming softly  " aaj kal paav zameen par nahi padtey mere " trying to create music with her kitchen tools in her kitchen, oh so lovingly making 'A Royal & Sophisticated Breakfast' for her tall, not so dark and oh so handsome husband who is ready to head his way to his office in a 'suit-boot', and that royal sophisticated breakfast to begin with has 'A tall glass of Orange juice in one hand , a newspaper in the other, a small egg omelette on his plate, salt and pepper shakers on the table, a slightly toasted bread slice with melting butter on the side just ready to go straight down your tummy! hmmm... YUMMY !!! 
Okay ! Wake up now ! I am not done yet not even started where I wanted to-I know there I go again:) Oh! Those were some memorable mornings my friends! 
For some time now, I had been experimenting on making some real good fruit punches/drinks with the help of my Juicer. Now,was the time to invite friends for a few healthy summer drinks to hydrate and refresh one on a hot summer day. It was a perfect day, we had a a few family friends come over to our home. They were - My mom-in-law's classmate and his family, his beautiful wife, his lovely daughter and another fella (again a son of my mom-in-laws classmate). What a wonderful day it was, spring was in full bloom, it was a flourishing season with beautiful flowers and charming fragrances in the air. It was a perfect combination to refresh us from the severe winter we had just experienced that year! We along with the admiration for the scenic drives had been shopping around for most of the part of the day. It was evening by the time we came home,when my husband suggested we all had some cool drinks at our home as I had been making some real chilled out punches! All Agreed !

All Proud me happily rushed to the kitchen that evening. Got hold of all the watermelons, carrots, oranges and apples from my refrigerator. Put them in the juicer, had the fruit juices extracted ...had them served in tall glasses with all the funky decoration minus me even tasting a little bit ! YES ..that sure was some confidence!

From the kitchen, I could hear all the chattering, could hear everybody call out my name saying "Roops..what a lovely drink, we all are up for another one as well, you definitely are an amazing cook but now you are too good at making these refreshing fruit punches ..soon should be letting your mom-in-law know about this. It is an art and you have mastered it my dear !" Ohh Proudy me :) with all those 'ladoos futoing in my maNN' meaning 'me being all happy & excited' was busy making another round, served them again and joined them with my tall glass of watermelon/oranges/carrots/apples combined chilled fruit punch ! 
Took a sip and hold onto my breath ! Was actually appalled to see everyone enjoying the drink ! I had to stop them from taking another of that heavenly sip! That "Heavenly Salted Sip !" You get no marks for guessing that-I had added 'SALT' instead of 'SUGAR' to make that drink even more miserable than you think it was ! 

Seeing me aghast, my mom-in-laws classmate whom we call Uncle 'A' patted me and said "It is fine, it's a great fruit punch, we are enjoying it. Oh, ComeOn now make us another one!" Then, looking at me and me looking all the more confused he said "Look, we all love you and we love the fruit punch you have made for us, so what happened if you added a little salt instead of sugar, it tastes even you call it your new found recipe, just chill and quickly make us another one ...this time with 'sugar' Honey! He said it with a wink ;)  And then everybody continued to sip on ! It was a room full of roar with laughter! 

Oh!! what an evening to remember! It's amazing how people around you Love you and Trust every bit of you! No matter what you offer, it is accepted with bucket full of lovingly ! How do you put it in words those emotions the eyes see? 
Guess my husband says it right " Where there is Love There is Trust & where there is Trust There is Love !" 

Crux of the story - "Sometimes, To be trusted is even a greater compliment than being loved...though you know you are being loved by all every single minute !”
And now, do you my friends still need the recipe for that drink ? Sure, it's coming up next ! " Just Take It As/With A Pinch Of Salt !" :)