Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Puri !!

 "Chatting on the internet with your friends while cooking = Burning your fingers ROYALLY? 
Uhh uh - An extremely dumb idea !"

once actually quite managed to set my kitchen on fire sometime back in the year 2004. What happened is? Parth....huh who? well my Husband ! Okay ? Right ! Yup, So he calls me from his office saying "Is it okay if I invite a few friends over for dinner today ? You can cook a quick meal..maybe something like Puri and a subzi and some dessert with some funky raita" Before I could answer he continued "Okay then let me know if you want me to get anything from the grocery store on my way back home". Yes! When it comes to cooking and having friends over, We don't take 'No' for an answer. But when it comes to Me shopping at Macy's, all he has to say is "No - is a Complete Statement!" But that is just what he loves to say, what he does is exactly the opposite. He hands over all the coupons to me which come in the mail and also lets me know the right time to shop. Interesting na? Yes, that is Parth!

Okay, so coming back to setting my kitchen on fire- So here I get a call from him and I start looking for some real quick recipes on the internet. While I am at it, a friend of mine buzzes me on 'MSN'. I love chatting :d Who doesn't? We start chatting and I ask my friend to hang in there while I make some preparations for dinner. I then go to the kitchen, knead the dough for 'Puris' in my 'Food Processor' and let in sit for a while. In the meantime, a very smart me-pours some oil for deep frying in a Kadhai (Wok) and let it heat on the flame. I then hear a 'Ting' ..that's the exact sound when someone buzzes you on messenger. I quickly rush to my PC and yeah ..start chatting- what ? "blah blah blah blah blah ".

As I've said in my earlier post that I am a forgetful bunch and as weird and strange as it may sound, the fact still remains that I simply cannot multitask :( What next ? My chatting continues and so does the heating of the oil in the kadhai does. 15 minutes later I hear the smoke alarm going off. I don't realize why and rush towards the kitchen. There I see my little kadhai is set on fire, I panic and start to shiver, I don't understand what is to be done first..I keep running helter skelter trying to shut the alarm, keep going back to the burning Kadhai, trying to get it down off the flame. Neither seems to work...I can hear myself cry like a baby making extremely weird sounds, not sure what is to be done at that very moment. I try calling out for help but I find myself all choked up...that is when I hear the door opening. Fortunately, Parth is to my rescue, he immediately rushes towards the fire extinguisher and within no time the flames seem to disappear. Clearly, he is totally mad at me :( but seeing that one look of his has burst me into tears... he pulls me towards him and hugs me real tight and does not question me on how I managed to create the whole chaos. A little later in the evening he figures it out on how it all happened. You guys want to know How ? Here is the answer - Parth, till date has never seen me leave or end my chat half way without saying a "Babye " !

Now, here is the recipe for 'Puri'.. And remember 'No Chatting' :)

2 cups atta (whole-wheat flour, preferably Sujata Whole Wheat Flour )
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp oil
Warm water to knead the dough
oil for deep frying

1. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Add warm water little by little to make a smooth but firm dough
( firmer than regular roti/chapati dough, I believe firm dough make nicely puffed puris).
3. Let the dough sit for about 15 minutes under a barely-damp towel in the  bowl.
4. Then take about a tablespoon of dough at a time, roll it into a thin circle (use some more flour if needed in the rolling process). 

5. Deep fry for a few seconds on each side until the puri is puffed and golden. 
6. Drain well on a paper towel.
7. Serve Hot.