Friday, March 26, 2010

New Beginnings !!

Could literally hear "push push push" yesterday before starting my blog - was so nervous initially, but with the help of my loved ones, my friends, my well wishers who so badly wanted me to start writing on my recipes...made it all worth it! Yes encouragement & best wishes definitely do get the best out of you ! 
Was nearly done with excuses, so Thank you all for being motivating and for giving me all that support & taking the initiative to make me believe that I could do it - I know it's just about starting a BLOG (Duh) but still-yeah means a lot to me! 
Using a Metaphor here-Not a Mother as yet so haven't experienced what it is like being there in the labor room where your loved ones, your well wishers are excited & happy for you & your new beginnings ...yes for now my Blog is my Baby :) Now you know why I could literally hear "Push Push Push" :-) ! 
Having said that, I am now looking fwd to nurturing my blog lovingly, gently & steadily! I would love to thank you all for being there for me !  Thank you for that tiny little PUSH! Promise you guys, won't let you down. 
I also do believe that I can bring out the best of me on my blogs, my thought process, my ideas, my experiences which would be of help to anybody and everybody out here in some way or the other- just the way My Mom brought out the best of me with her nurturing, unconditional love and simplicity! It's  because of her that I am what I am today-proud to be a part of a beautiful soul ! It's been a while now that I've been longing to tell her how much  I've missed you her- This is for you Mama, "how I wish you were here with me & could read this, it's been almost 12 yrs now that I've been wishing upon all the stars!"


Samkam said...

Congratulations on the new beginnings. All we did was to 'say' push, but like in your metaphor, it is you (in this case, with Partha's help) had to do all the pushing. :o)

and mothers... how much ever said about their importance in our lives is not enough. They are 'the superhero' in our lives. and although the one who brought us into this world is the one most precious, a lot of times, she is not the only one. There are a few other 'padar's (pallu, aanachal), that have given the warmth on a cold night, a few other shoulders that have given comfort to a bruised body (or ego) and a few other hands that have pulled you up when you were down. That aunt, that big sister and that favorite teacher are all instrumental in shaping up the person that we become. Here is to them all and to you for carrying on the nurturing...