Friday, March 26, 2010

Chaha !! (Cardamom Flavored Tea)

"Amid, the fast pace of a Modern City (Ahem Ahem), it is still possible to stop for a leisurely afternoon Garama Garam Chaai, an enduring tradition featuring freshly fried Kanda Bhaji and Vada Pav !! "

As an ardent Punekar & a true Maharashtrian, whose not very good when it comes to Marathi-don't blame me:( blame it on the Hindi Film Industry for making and releasing good movies in the 80's. Then as a child I  grew up watching Hindi movies-also was & still am a Hindi film music buff. Was never able to spare time for Marathi movies- well and back then, all I remember watching are  Nilu Phule movies & oh boy Nilu Phule scared the hell out of us! What a fabulous actor he is- that is now what I understand but earlier in our childhood days his accent & his roles were totally beyond us! BUT, in today's day and age- I agree that the Marathi Film Industry has gotten so much better! I do not hesitate to say this Today that I love watching Marathi movies, serials etc etc!
Okay!! Now people I do have a tendency of getting distracted ...yup that too way too easily :). Did not even want to get started on about all this , all I wanted to share was that, Me coming from a Tea Town (that is how Pune is known to everybody),an ardent Punekar  & a true Maharashtrian, our day begins with a " Garama Garam Chaha cha Cup "(A Hot Cuppa Chai) & a Newspaper to read on !
 As I recall now ,outside our homes there were most likely two types of tea for the Punekars to gust upon – the very first was AMRUTTULYA where Amrut means Nectar & Tulya means in comparison to, so both put together means A Drink to sip on which is Comparable to Nectar!! WOW that is something Divine to have every morning while on your way to College/Work/just about anytime & anywhere as we had one at every nook & corner of Pune.
The second best was the peerless IRANI CHAI which was the most rejuvenating beverage, the steaming rich tea brew & hot milk in separate containers & then mixed in just about in the right proportion. Ohh, that makes an inimitable Irani Chai!!! This Irani Chai is mostly served with very fresh & soft Bun-Maska - boy place it on your tongue & you are on your trip to 7th Heaven! This ones served by the numerous Irani Restaurants all over Pune city & camp!
Okay so getting back to where I started :) Promise this won't happen too often, a lil' nervous cuz it's my first blog...and Chaha is all what I wanted to start my blog with. My husband being so supportive went ahead & created this one for me, posted my first recipe for me & got me started! Thank you Parth!! won't let you down :) So, I just want to make sure that I get this right and start my day and yours of course with a " Garama Garam Chaha cha Cup "  Following is the Recipe for " Ek Cutting " A Cuppa Hot Chai !!!

Ingredients:- (For Elaichi Chai)
1/2 Cup Water
3-4 tsp Waghbakri Tea Powder/Brooke Bond /Society Tea
4-5 tsp of Sugar
a pinch of Cardamom (Elaichi)pwd
1 of Cup whole milk

Ingredients:- (For Masala Chai)
a pinch of green Cardamom pwd
1/2 inch of fresh ginger grated
1-2 big size whole black pepper
1/8 to 1/6 cinnamon stick

The Ratio used for making this tea is 2:1 (Milk:Water)

1.Mix both milk and water & bring it to boil-(on low to medium flame)

2.Add Sugar and Tea Powder (you can get the above mentioned tea powder in any Indian Grocery Stores)
3.For Elaichi Chai simply add a pinch of elaichi pwd & for Masala Chai crush the igredients mentioned above for Masala Chai & add them to the boiling mixture.
4.Tadaa your "Garama Garam Cuppa Chai" is Ready to be Served !

* Don't be in a hurry to cut on time while making Chai, be generous with time when it comes to making the Best Chai ! At the end of it, it is the time best spent :)
* On a rainy day nothing can beat the lethal combination of Kanda Bhaji & Garama Garam Chaha ! What's next - Bingo ! My recipe for Kanda Bhaji !



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